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CNN, “Brazil has opened a huge chunk of the Amazon to mining”

2017/08/31 10:19am CNN, “Brazil has opened a huge chunk of the Amazon to mining”<

The Amazon River rainforest covers more than a billion acres and is so heavily vegetated that it produces 20 percent of the world’s oxygen. Although few places on earth are more important to the world’s eco-system, it’s being destroyed at an alarming rate—it’s a fifth smaller than it was four decades ago. As reported by CNN, the government of Brazil has recently decided to open a tenth of the rainforest to mining. World Wildlife Fund Brazil warns that the result will be deforestation, along with a loss of biodiversity and water resources. Yet, the Brazilian government says the country needs the jobs and natural resources that the mining will bring. After reading the article, consider the tradeoffs between mining and other such activities and the need to preserve the natural environment.