Letter from CEO of Global Citizen Network

2017/03/19 08:45am Letter from CEO of Global Citizen Network<

Dear Applicant,

We invite you to apply to become part of the Global Citizen Network. There is no cost to apply and no cost for membership. Once a member, you will have access to ideas and people that can assist in your personal development and strengthen your commitment to making the world a more tolerant, fruitful, and peaceful place.

To become a member, and earn the distinction of being called a “Global Citizen,” you must show that you have the beliefs and values associated with global citizenship. The Global Citizen Scorecard has 25 brief questions aimed at making this determination. After you have answered them, you will receive your score. If the score is high enough, you will automatically be enrolled in the Global Citizen Network and receive a certificate identifying you as a “Global Citizen.” If your score is not high enough, we urge you to reapply after examining our “What It Means to Be a Global Citizen” reading.